Due to the addition of multiple computer clusters to the system, various EMCOM domains are in transition and have changed locations. Please reference the various public entry points from the list below.

<http://www.emcomus.org> Public Overview of EMCOM system
<http://www.victimlocator.org> Emergency Victim Locator
<http://www.emcomus.org/leadership/> EMCOM Community Coordinator Login
Emergency Operations Personnel should continue to login at the web site address specified in the most recent communications.

NOTE to Community Coordinators and EOC Personnel

Watch for message containing new access points for PDA remote access operations. PDA access will be directed according to the type of PDA with which the system being accesed (i.e. Blackberry, Treo 600, Treo 650, SideKick, etc.).

All PDA operations (Targeted alert notifications, Situation Reporting, Victim Locator access, weather radars, EMWIN weather, real-time mapping/GIS, etc.) will be accessed in each PDA type menu. The systems will include new functionality as well as a new 'look & feel' that optimizes the useability of each device.

Photos, videos, voice descriptions, etc. submitted via cell phones/smart phones as situation report attachments for instant display on EOC monitors will also be receiving new access addresses. These will be posted in the newsletters of the Community Coordinator or EOC areas as applicable.

Access via internet capable cell phones (WAP interface) will remain through the current single WAP interface.